The Handicapped Cat
The wheelchair for different needs like Porscha, the CH cat.

Cat Cart:
Cats with an injury where just the back legs are troubled, yet the front are still strong, we suggest that the Walkin’ Wheels ® Mini cart should work fine. The Ragdoll cat breed and/or handicapped cats learning to walk, because of front leg weakness or Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) conditions, will require a different set of wheels.

We are currently working on building a Cat Cart model to sell to the public. For the time being, you may look at these demonstration to construct one yourself:

Timber’s Charities

Timber’s Gift: All profits from sales of our Timber’s Charities merchandise go towards helping animals here at home and around the globe. Your generosity will help feed, de-mange and rescue.   more…

Handicapped or not. There are many animals looking for safe forever homes. Adopt, foster, or donate to help your local shelters. more…

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Donate a Dog Wheelchair. Medical bills add up fast. A spare wheelchair, or monetary donation to help purchase for a friend in need, can save a life. more…
Local Adoption
International and Overseas
Starting at Home
Forsaken Souls: Animals living in poverty or war stricken countries severely suffer.  We can all help in the aid and education.  more…
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Please see your veterinarian to determine whether this is the best treatment for your pet. Your pet should always be supervised when using these aids.

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