Timber on his first walk with his new wheels!

Poor mobility can lead to depression. Depression signs in your dog can lead you to think they don’t have much life left. We say, keep that dog going! Happiness helps everyone heal faster. A paralysed pooch wants to explore just as much as any dog. An old dog may be stiff and sore, but keeping them active works out the kinks. We’ve seen dogs in such situations come to life with a set of wheels. Sparkle in their eyes, adventure back into their souls. Dogs are explorers. They’re sniffers and chasers.

Conditions setting a dog back, may be Hip Dysplasia, Degenerative Myelopathy, Spinal Injury, Lame Leg, etc, but if pup is in no pain, or at least assisted with a vets  help to ease discomfort, then a wheelchair just might be the miracle!

The ‘Award Winning’ product we sell is Walkin’ Wheels® from HandicappedPets. This wheelchair is fully adjustable and very durable. We have the ‘Mini’ wheelchairs that fit dogs under 20 pounds and the ‘Universal’ wheelchairs to fit the medium to larger breeds. We also shop around for used wheelchairs and might have a product from Best Friends Mobility, so check our Reclaimed Chairs for a great deal.

Roll on through this Dog Wheelchairs website to find videos of dogs in action. Training of how to set your dog up in a wheelchair, plus helpful hints on how to respond to their associated needs. The Geriatric Dogs information page covers a list of symptoms that may arise in your old friend. Just for fun, check out the canine Life Expectancy of purebred breeds. Has your super dog got them “beat”?

Explore this DOGWHEELCHAIRS.us website and see how easy it is to get your dog moving and how exciting it is to get your pup up and running! You’ll find in Our Story, that we’ve been at the crossroad ourselves. We took the right turn and are glad we did. So’s Timber!

DOG WHEELCHAIRS  provides support for your best friend!
We are located in Calgary, shipping Canada wide. Dog Wheelchairs is here to help you help your companion. Whether recovering from injury, dealing with paralysis, or just growing older, your dogs ability for mobility is our top concern!

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Please see your veterinarian to determine whether this is the best treatment for your pet. Your pet should always be supervised when using these aids.

Timber’s Charities

Timber’s Gift: All profits from sales of our Timber’s Charities merchandise go towards helping animals here at home and around the globe. Your generosity will help feed, de-mange and rescue.  more…

Handicapped or not. There are many animals looking for safe forever homes. Adopt, foster, or donate to help your local shelters. more…

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Donate a Dog Wheelchair. Medical bills add up fast. A spare wheelchair, or monetary donation to help purchase for a friend in need, can save a life. more…
Local Adoption
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Starting at Home
Forsaken Souls: Animals living in poverty or war stricken countries severely suffer.  We can all help in the aid and education.  more…
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